XDS bikes are superior for its great finish quality, aluminum and carbon frames of unrivaled quality. Shapes, colors, cutting-edge designs, best components to an affordable price for customers who demand quality and performance. XDS counts with advanced technology that makes it different from the rest.
Besides using leader ultra-light materials, XDS studies all the aspects of investigation in the development of the “ultra-light” idea. This includes frame structure, tubes structure, the mechanizing process, and so on, in order to achieve everything about the excellence. Each XDS bike is exquisite, and is made under the same standard of other world-class brands. Not only the light performance overcomes all our companions, having an excellent drive experience that is at the same time smooth and light, but it is also strong and stiff, keeping an excellent balance. In order to satisfy the different needs of the consumers, we offer a wide range of bicycles to choose. From mountain bikes, road bikes and touring bikes, to women and kids bikes, XDS can provide the perfect bicycle that surely will make you happy.


-Road bikes
-Mountain bikes
-Urban bikes
-Kids bikes